From decision overwhelm to house ninja. 

Building or renovating a home is full of exciting choices. Overwhelm is merely one of those choices. 

It’s just a choice.
A choice you might make intentionally or unintentionally--
And the great news is that you don’t have to feel like the world is caving in (or that your marriage is crumbling, or that your sanity is dwindling) during your home building/reno process…. If you want!
Often, my new clients are saying things like:
“I know what I like when I see it, but there are so many pieces to put together- I have no idea where to start.”
“I want our new home to look cohesive. We are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on this place and I want to LOVE it when it’s done. I’m so nervous that I’ll choose something and hate it.”
“I don’t know the first thing about design or color.”
“We have way too much stuff but I don’t even want to think about going through it all and assigning it to a place!”
“My kids want to have input on their room design, but I’m terrified. SOS!”
“My husband and I have different ideas of what looks good. How do we combine our preferences without feeling like it’s just a jumble of random stuff?”
“How do I set up this space to best serve my growing family? I know we need bedrooms and gathering spaces, but I just feel like there’s more to it than that.”
“What am I going to do when my kids move into this beautiful home and start destroying stuff? I’m worried sick already.”

Is this you too? Have you had these same concerns?

Here’s the best news ever: home is totally figureoutable.

It’s just a matter of knowing the right questions to ask,
Then knowing how to make amazing decisions quickly and confidently.
All of this is within reach.
You don’t have an unsolvable problem.
You aren’t broken.
Your kids aren’t untamed wild creatures from the great beyond.
Your husband isn’t the frumpiest. (Neither are you!)
I’ve got you.
And you’ve totally got this.
In my one-on-one coaching program, I will lead you through my Dream Home Done Right process to get your house put together simply and beautifully, centered around the soulfulness that makes you an amazing, intentional mom.
The thing that makes this program a perfect compliment to working with an architect and contractor is that while I’ll be your #1 support in deciding all the nitty gritty details (like grout color and molding shapes and sectional configuration), I’m going to teach you how to enjoy the whole process.
You’re going to learn the “proper” way to style bookshelves, sure, but even more importantly, you’re going to learn why that matters to your family vibes and your relationship quality.
We’ll pick out tile by prioritizing the real-life spunk… read: messiness... that makes real life (especially with kids) such a gift. Because you know, and I know, that we build our houses FOR our families, not to babysit tile and create exorbitant amounts of work for ourselves.
While we meet weekly for 12 months together, I’ll be your personal home guide and walk you through this straightforward journey, helping you navigate your ups and downs, confusions and catastrophes, dreams and delights.
I will be your house doula, here to help you elevate your home from the millstone around your neck to the jet-engine that fuels your deepest values.
Let’s make the biggest purchase of your life your biggest asset in achieving your most important life mission: loving well.

The Dream Home Done Right process is research based (I did the research myself! Check it out here if you’re into peer reviews pubs.) and includes five areas of emphasis:

LOVE NOW-- What’s home life like this very moment? We’ll jump in and help you start to feel that “homey” feeling without changing a thing (yet!), and before any footings are even poured. Because, let’s face it, a great couch never solved anyone’s problems. YOU solve your problems. When you take the reins in owning your life (and house!) experience, you step into true freedom. We don’t even begin design talk until after this step is complete.

DREAM BIG-- Here’s where we develop a vision for you and your family! Lots of these dreams you are already are aware of (like creating a place for big family parties at Christmas and somewhere for the kids to play that’s quiet and supportive), but a lot of your dreams have likely been kiboshed quickly with a wave of the hand and an “that’d never work” because of money or life or work or the phase of the moon (Velvet sofa? White curtains? Pantry organizers?). I’ll hold your hand as you unearth and move toward your best case home scenario that (until now) has only made an appearance in your wildest dreams. Most importantly, we’ll get clear about WHY you’re headed this way… and make sure you like your reasons so that confidently implementing your dreams makes perfect sense in all the ways.

PLAN WELL-- We’ll make a plan for your space including layout, elevations, and decor as we hone in on what it is exactly that you’re going to create. We’ll do this within the framework of the “Big 4” Intentional House Pillars of Design (so you literally can’t go wrong) and I’ll teach you in detail how to use these tools in every room in every house you’ll ever live in forever more.

EXECUTE CREATIVELY-- Have you ever tried the “iron fist method of making things work”? Here’s the secret: it doesn’t. This only leads to tears of frustration (if not devastation) and we tend to give up altogether when our plans go sideways. I’ll teach you how to implement your plan with strategy, focus, and clarity, but with a creative curiosity that will turn any “hiccups” into “holla!”s. We call this character, and it adds beautiful story-rich details to the finished product of your home and interest to the journey you’re embarking upon. Without this training, many interpret every setback to be a complete roadblock, and what could have been an interesting hurdle becomes a hysterical Chicken-Little fiasco. While that’s fine for some, it doesn't sound as fun to me-- how ‘bout you?

MAINTAIN AND ADAPT-- No matter what changes you make, with home, and with life, things always evolve. Kids grow up, seasons change, trends cycle. More paper comes in the mail, more laundry needs to be done. More meals need to be cooked, and more furniture will eventually need to be purchased. We’ll make sure you’re set up for success in managing your mind (so decisions remain no big deal) and your environment (cleanable, kid-friendly, and low maintenance all day!) so that all the messes and life stage developments are not only doable, but even fun!

You’ll feel open and airy, comfortable and welcoming, bright and inspired at home. YOUR home.

YOUR home with YOUR people laughing, loving, working, and living.
I know, big promises.
And I stand by them.
The investment for this 12 month program is $12,000. And if you’re not completely satisfied with the program, I will refund you. I believe in you and this process that much.
Here’s what to do now.
Book a time to talk with me to learn more and we’ll figure out what this process will look like for you personally.
Wondering if it’s real?
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