You can design your house with confidence!!!

I work with my students to create a home where love is easy and beauty is abundant.

I teach you the skills, coach you through roadblocks, and personally support your dream home creation inside the Home Love Lab.

This is my signature program that will take you from overwhelmed & uncertain straight to house-ninja status by teaching you:
1) how to love deeply (without attachment or drama),
2) how that love translates directly into house design decisions, and
3) how to create exceptional beauty at home from this love that actually reinforces this love

This is the place where you learn how to have nice things and love your kids at the same time, how to support your marriage and share roles effectively, and how to choose furniture and decor items (and a house itself!!) that speak to you personally but also go with your carefully curated, whole-home cohesive design scheme (that I walk you through creating!). 

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