The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Home (That Actually Looks Great)

The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Home
(That Actually Looks Great)

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Managing a household, especially when the kids are around, is a true art form. In this 90 minute workshop, you’ll learn:

• What does kid-friendly mean anyway?
• How to embrace the freedom of the Intentional House Cycle, and how it’s way better than any ferris wheel you’ve ever carnival-ed upon.
• The secret to letting go of worry about kids destroying, and how to help them stop all that chaos.
• The beauty of healthy and supportive boundaries and when it’s okay to have preferences.
• How to use your house to inspire Great Relationships and not fighting about stuff and messes
• How to Incorporate Great Design so Your House Sings of Beauty

Complete with easily printable worksheets to take you through the process, this class will take you from a shrill “ahhhhhh!!!!!” to an easy “oooo la la” at home.