Sharpen Your Focus

Sharpen Your Focus


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The biggest struggle many people face when designing and running their homes is that they don’t have a clear vision of what they want. Shiplap? Kid friendly? Age in place? Chrome hardware? Ahh death by decision fatigue!!!

Often, clients can easily tell me about trends they like or pieces of furniture they’ve pinned, but when I ask them WHY they haven’t already bought the sofa or hired the designer, they often say that they’re confused. They don’t know how to make their taste come to life, and they don’t know how what they like visually will work in their real life.

It’s a vulnerable position– trying to decide which investments to make around the house (especially when raising kids, because the “will this get destroyed tomorrow” wild card factor is real!), trying to make hardware/flooring/garage door decisions with your spouse calmly and happily, trying to stick to your budget while dreaming big.

What it comes down to is this: many people need to get clear about their priorities. When they do, everything design-wise falls into place so much more quickly and easily.

That’s why I created this mini course.

Through this training, you’ll walk away with:

The tools to “unstuck” yourself when making decisions about your house.
Not a worry in the world about what your neighbors think because you’ll have a crystal clear vision of what is important to YOU.
Strength and tools to solve problems without going into panic mode.
Power in knowing that your fear is something you can harness, allowing you to give up yelling, resentment, and guilt-tripping in order to accomplish what you want to create at home.
Knowing your ultimate priority and how that looks when applied to home.