Join in daily from March 2-5 to learn:

• What it means to aim for calm at home and the difference between fake calm and true calm (though both could arguably involve melatonin gummies…).
• Why we should care about choosing true calm over indulging in chocolate bandaids (Wait. Chocolate bandaids? Has anyone invented this?)
• How clutter is the perfect open door to learn and create calm at home (I promise to not promote lighting everything on fire).
• How to design your home so that you are primed for calm and immune to clutter (Without a shot. Big promises over here.)

Yep, it’s gonna be epic, and we want you to come to the party! Let go of the stress of paper stacks and the cries over crumbs that can make home life feel suffocating. Step into the imagination and wonder that can actually, for real, coexist with organization and intentionality.

This isn’t going to be a reality TV show training where we all pretend the worst things around our houses are half (daintily) nibbled PB&J’s on plates left outrageously on a fingerprint-and-fork-dent-free table, set with floral arrangements (plural). Nope. We’re talking about when the PB and J have molecularly bonded to the underbellies of dining chair seats and the bread has disappeared entirely (but you know with 10000% certainty it was not eaten).

We’re going to be talking about the paper clutter that adds up, the shoe clutter that is seemingly everywhere and yet nowhere (the existential paradox of toddler life), and the crumb-clutter that repeatedly rises from the dust just like every perilously deceased Avenger.

We’re talking about pre-teen makeup experiment remnants and stuffed animals that absolutely must somehow have reproductive capabilities.

We’re talking about kid craft papers and those weirdo toys that come with 848 parts (whyyyy?) and all the things that need to be filtered, eliminated, binned, or otherwise dealt with every 20 minutes. If you’re feeling any sort of overwhelm that comes from managing the stuff of houses, I’m saving you a seat. Let’s do this.