2 Day Dream Home

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2-day Dream Home

2-day Dream Home

2-day Dream Home

2-day Dream Home

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What if I were to tell you that there is actually a way for you to have a fabulously looking house, AND find that peace, joy, connection, and deep meaning in your daily (dare I say mundane) motherly duties?!?

Don’t kiss me yet, but this goodness is absolutely what is coming your way my friend.

There is a way for you to put aside the panic…

To make your home a safe haven of peace…

To enjoy each day as a powerful creator…


Once upon a time not that long ago, I found myself succumbing to the torture of the perfectionistic ideal – I secretly made my decisions based on how put together we'd look to the neighbors, how much our matching Christmas jammies would ROCK for that photo to post on the Instas, how bedtime would be a magical and seamless endeavor every night, how freaking amazing that fiddle leaf fig would perk up my living room and make my life finally feel “open and airy.”

Chasing this ideal was kind of a joke. Like the kind of joke that made me want to cry.

I thought I wanted that beauty. I thought that was beauty. Matching stuff, crumb-less rugs, perky plants.

And let me tell you, I love a beautiful house. I even love perky plants. But I had the house. I had the custom nursery and the granite counters. And yet we still left messes most of the time as we used our house, like, eating, or you know, brushing our teeth. My toddler still had accidents all down the hall. There were still dishes to be done and there was always laundry to be loaded, changed, folded, and stashed for three weeks before I put it away.

SPOILER: the sparkly daydream alone wasn’t making me happy!!!


Because guess what?! 95% of real life doesn’t look like a Christmas card, my friends, even if 5% does!

And actually, my friends, that’s SUCH. GREAT. NEWS.

But I don’t have to tell you this-- You know it! You’re living a beautiful, messy, AMAZING real life. You KNOW already that anyone pretending to be perfect is posing for a pic.

The trouble is that we almost expect Christmas-Card-Pinterest-Perfect unblemished carpet, matching sock harmony and bliss all the time.

Or at least if we had our shiz together, we could have that….

Ever said that one to yourself? “I know it’s not real life for me but that’s because I’m unorganized/a new mom/have three boys/live and breathe/like to sleep sometimes/whatever real life need disguised as a shame-infused excuse…. But I’ll get it down eventually.”

I’ve literally said that.


No one needs that drama.

What if, instead, we said to ourselves (and really meant it), “My house is just what I need to gather my people, connect with the ones I love, and live my realest, truest, and best life, and I LOVE it here.”

AHHH, what a BREATH!!!!!

Our houses are meant to help us be calm as moms, connect with our kids (even holding their eye contact, or watching them play!), and set helpful examples without feeling crushed by the weight of our mess-cleaning to-do lists…

Dragging kids along…

Usually kicking and screaming...

And so are we.


I refuse to live my life like that, and I invite you to do the same.

I made a promise to myself to use my things to love my people every day, not the other way around. I would never again use my people to love my things.

As I’ve learned to connect more deeply with my 7 year old, 5 year old, and 4 year old, who like to pretend all the things and jump off of furniture, I make continuously better decisions about which furniture helps me show up for THEM.

As I’ve learned that when life happens all over my clean floors (because family life is full of messes both emotional and physical), I am continuously better prepared to keep my cool in the heat of the moment and still really enjoy myself and my kids!

This is what I want to teach YOU!

It's so fun- and because I always like to know what exactly is going to go down on the ground, here's a brief outline of what we go through in the Intentional House Method (which is always the first 10 weeks of working together):

  • The Intentional House Cycle, the knowing of which will change the way you see your space forever more.
  • Determining your design style, and how to merge styles with a spouse! You'll even get a super custom "celebrity combo" design style name. For the win.
  • The essence of creating meaning at home and the 5 UNdesign secrets that make any room feel like yours, based on the things that matter most to you.
  • How to boil down function and create a place that fits you better than a glove.
  • What it means to create Connection Vignettes and they're jet fuel for relationships.
  • The catalyst formerly known as Discomfort.
  • How to center up when your animal brain takes you hostage over spilled flour. If you know, you know.
  • Exactly how to go about allowing emotion and why you'd ever want to and what the heck that has to do with your house.
  • The 8 Easy Design Skills you need to know and how to apply them in a way you won't hate.
  • How to go about making changes at home, like updating that rug in 7 years, because your house is living and breathing.

Knowing these things will make any home buying/designing experience so much easier because you'll be able to act (and design!) from your priorities (you know, the deep down, what's-written-on-your-tombstone style ones). It truly makes ALL the difference.

If you’re ready to make your house your favorite tool in helping you live the fun-filled, wonder-inspiring, connection-affording space you’ve always wanted (and make it look beautiful too!! I promise it's not a lost cause!) then 2-day Dream Home is for you.

If you're wanting a house that supports your actual, deep, and fundamental values in a way that makes your heart sing, get in here. You're gonna love it!