Well We Have Floors

Well we have floors!

Our trailer house has floors! And they’re so pretty. We are still definitely waiting for trim, but it’s fine. It’s starting to feel fancy in here and I’m getting SO EXCITED. I’m also getting a little nervous, because this is the point of a project where I get to see if what I’m envisioning in my head translates to real life.

And then we iterate.

There are ALWAYS iterations.

Right? It’s just like the Intentional House Cycle. You act according to your vision and according to the experiences you hope to create, but undoubtedly we all run into roadblocks, setbacks, disappointments, and discomfort. Then we iterate.

And inevitably we end up with something amazing in ways we can’t ever plan for.


The joy and the discomfort of it all!

It’s so wonderful to feel, isn’t it?

And before I lose you as I ride my cheesy train across the land, check out these progress photos!

Don’t forget what we started with:

And here we are today:

It’s a-comin!

I’m so especially pleased with the outside. The white is so much better than the vinyl swirlies. How the white wears over time? I’m optimistic.

Here’s what I want your help deciding… I’m considering doing a blue ocean-esque wallpaper on this wall here, but I’m also considering doing a gold foil wallpaper. What would you choose?

The vibe I’m going for is a classy mid-century with bohemian flair sort of feel. Colors are black, gold, blue, and gray.

Send all the suggestions.

And in other news, we’ve put our office/garage shipping container on our lot!!

We ordered this beauty from Aztec Containers, and we just had the power hooked up yesterday!! 

We are so excited to adventure in the woods, play in the creek, and run amuk in this beautiful canyon. We’ll be parking the camper alongside this beaut to create a homesteady situation that will prove challenging (I’m sure) and entertaining (I’m also sure).

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