Our Trailer Plans

Well, it’s happening.

We have a 31’ Keystone Cougar.

That we’re going to live in.

I feel slightly crazy, but so excited. I feel trendy (which is a mixed bag for me) because apparently RV’s have become all the rage this Corona Summer, but converting this gal into our home has been slow and oh-so-delightful. 

Why? Why live in a trailer? Great question. As painting is taking five hundred years I’m asking myself the same question many times a day.

But here’s why.

We have some great land in a beautiful spot. We’re stoked to live up there in the mountains with clean air, fly fishing, and NATURE. So why not? We’ll live in the RV as we finalize our loan options (as a self-employed family we need a looooottt of proof over a couple of years to qualify) and we’ll save to pay for this casa we’re building largely in cash. That’s the goal. It feels like an impossible goal right now, but I’ve learned that impossible goals are fun.

We’re also planning to move in just as Utah turns to an arctic tundra. So that’ll also be a fun adventure! 

So where are we now?

We’ve ripped out all the things, and now we’re halfway through priming the interior. We’ve scraped all the vinyl swooshing off of the outside, so she’s a beautiful white. We even power washed Kokomo this weekend and she turned a different color. 

Now I need your help. 

Since we’ve removed the vinyl, the paint on the exterior is oxidized. The stickers left ghost marks, where you can see exactly where they were because the paint is a different color. I can’t decide if it’s a cool texture-on-texture situation, or if we should paint it slash vinyl wrap it. For sure something needs to help out the 3 spots where it said “Cougar”. I’m not exactly 100% finalized sure, but I think I want it to be white with a black bottom section. If it doesn’t look super tacky, we could leave the white as it is. Or we could try to buff out the oxidation.

What are your thoughts? Send me all the options and the success stories of people who have painted their RV and it wasn’t a disaster.

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