Intentionalize It! Master Capsule List

As I’ve gone through the Intentionalize It! process with my own master-bedroom-to-be, I’ve realized that I want a capsule bedroom! I want to be able to recommend the minimum viable project to any clients and friends (and myself!). I decided to share it all here because maybe you want a simple, easy, zero-decision-fatigue solution too!

Minimum viable project-- that’s my term for “what you put in the room, and nothing else.” It’s so hard to de-clutter because when we Marie Kondo style touch everything we have, things get emotional. Instead, we can start with “What are my favorite three books?”, and go from there. This approach makes things super intentional and much more simple. 

I don’t want extra stuff piling up in my master bedroom... and piling is totally my default. My master bedroom becomes the hiding spot for everything I don’t want my kids to touch. Which at this particular stage of life is quite a lot of things. It also becomes the staging area for laundry, work, and mail. Nah, no thanks. That’s too much.

In our new house, I want our bedroom space to feel refreshingly put together, because it will be only minorly beholden to the small ones. I will also have an office (!!!) AND a laundry room (!!!) so those things can live elsewhere.

For the remainder of your items that don’t make the steep “capsule” cut, box them up and put them in the basement/attic for a bit. See if you need to go get them. See if you miss them. See how you feel. If you need a little more, bring back the next layer of favorite things. There’s not a right, moral, 100% answer that will solve every person’s needs, preferences, and stimulation setpoints. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of creating a capsule anything, it’s the embracement of the concept that you choose an intentional, predetermined amount of items to include in your space (or wardrobe, as it’s typically done), then stick to those things. Nothing else is allowed in unless you take something out first to make room (both psychologically, emotionally, and physically). 

So here it is: 


Items: 40

Refreshed/Rotated: Quarterly (with the seasons, and my wardrobe)

  1. Headboard
  2. Bed Frame or Bed
  3. 2 Nightstands (Matching. Counting as one line item)
  4. 2 Lamps/Sconces (Same.)
  5. Rug

  1. Her Nightstand Decor Pieces: Clock (If you can, take electronics out of the bedroom.)
  2. Current Book
  3. Meaningful Object
  4. Plant

  1. His Nightstand Decor PIeces: Clock
  2. Tray for Pocket Contents
  3. Current Book
  4. Sculptural Meaningful Object/Element (Optional, maybe like a book holder, a memento, paperweight)

  1. Mattress
  2. Box Spring (probably)
  3. Mattress Pad
  4. Fitted Sheet (x2)
  5. Flat Sheet (x2)
  6. Pillows to Sleep on with Matching Pillowcases to Fitted Sheet (x2)
  7. 2 Shams or Euro PIllows with a Neutral Color and/or Fun Texture
  8. One Decorative Pillow in Pattern
  9. Comforter/Quilt
  10. Throw Blanket (optional)
  11. End of Bed Bench or Ottomans
  12. Dresser

  1. Dresser Decor: Plant
  2. Piece of art (1-2)
  3. Sculptural Element (1-2)
  4. Tray or Bowl for Change/Pins/Misc Stuff
  5. 3 books stacked

  1. Mirror
  2. Chair
  3. Floor Plant
  4. Wall Art (1-3 Pieces)
  5. Small Accent Pillow
  6. Chair (1-2)
  7. Floor Lamp
  8. Light Fixture
  9. Curtains (Optional)
  10. Curtain Rod (If Using Curtains)

My hope is that this eliminates some overwhelm, helps you hone in, and will be a huge asset to combine with the 5 (UN)design Elements that make every room feel like home (check out the media segment here)!

Next week I’ll show you which pieces I’ve mapped out for OUR room!

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