Each Day It's Own Reward

One of my favorite quotes in the world comes from Spencer W. Kimball. He said, “Cultivate a lifestyle which is on a day-to-day basis its own reward.”


Isn’t that beautiful?

What if we lived our lives according to our priority, our singular most important mission?

What if each day was a meaningful microcosm of all the things we need to live a balanced, fulfilled life?

To me this kind of life, with each day being its own reward, would include outside hammock time, kid laughing time, reading, working hard, producing, creating, loving.

Sometimes we think that we need to wait until retirement to enjoy the “life of our dreams” but what if that life was available to us right now? If this were true, it would mean that every stage, every up and down, could be appreciated and savored.

I’ve been reading a book called “Ichigo Ichie: The Art of Making the Most of Every Moment, the Japanese Way.” I’ve been blown away by this concept of ichigo ichie, meaning “one moment, one opportunity,” and the sacredness of each fleeting opportunity we encounter. 

It makes my heart sing to consider these ideas.

And then I realize that I live in the real world, (a world populated by three little boy buddies) and it can get confusing and frustrating to try to ACTUALLY DO peace and calm and joy (especially at home) while they run around without shirts on screaming their wrestling war chants.

Mmmm. Rewarding.

But actually, SO rewarding.

I love it when my kids play hard and laugh and even yell (when I’m not hungry). Don’t you? 

Isn’t the chaos the beauty? Isn’t this the fabric of what makes for a rewarding life?

Yeah, I think so.

Does your house support this kind of life? 

If not, fill out an application and let’s bring your home into alignment to support you in truly making each day its own reward.

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