A Celebration of Bravery

‘Tis the week of Halloween, and I’ve been thinking about what I feel inspired by when it comes to this holiday. And quite frankly, it took me a while to come up with something! Ha! 

Fun at Halloween? Oh yes, lots of fun. 

Adventure? Definitely. 

Stomach aches? Always. 

But inspiration? At Halloween? Not usually.

But you know me.

You know that it’s my hobby and passion to find inspiration and intentionality in all the things. So why not Halloween?

My process of meaning-making is thus:

  1. Prompted usually by something that doesn’t sit right, determine the item/tradition/habit to address.
  2. Relax into it and think of 5 reasons why I am grateful for said item/tradition/habit because creating from gratitude is super helpful and way more fun.
  3. Things I’d like to change.
  4. Make a list of a few things I love/value/want more of in my life, potentially relating to the item/tradition/habit, and also potentially including anything from my list in step 2.
  5. Find a way to incorporate one item from my list of “love” items into the item/tradition/habit, while also utilizing something from the gratitude list.

In this instance, my answers were:

  1. Halloween
  2. Adventure, fun, anticipation for the kids, a reason to see friends, soup for dinner
  3. Sweet overload, spookiness, mischievous and scary energy, pressure to spend money on candy and costumes, fear
  4. I do value bravery. I also value laughter, family togetherness, and something to anticipate.
  5. Therefore, we will go through pictures of our bravest moments of the year together, and laugh over the memories and congratulate ourselves on surviving.

I invite you to join in on the fun!! Consider printing some pictures (or looking together at pics on your computer/tv) of especially brave moments your family has conquered this last year, like jumping off of the high dive, wearing masks to school, living through September without (as much) football, and learning to drive via Zoom. Bless us all. 

(I would just like to add as an aside here that I think it’s especially brave to can food. I see pictures of my applesauce friends and if this is you, I think you should leave it on the counter as a seasonal decoration for everyone to admire for a minimum of 4 days. And send me a picture. Because I adore you and want to be like you.) 

On Halloween day, relive the memories together! You can do this in addition to other traditions you love, or you can replace the ones you don’t with the new version that suits you and fits your family’s needs and wants uniquely.

Bam. Less spooky, more solid family fun!

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