6 Things I Love for Easy Christmas Decorating

Christmas can be so fun! And decorating, shopping, and managing it can be a headache. If you’re looking to simplify but yet festive-ify as well, here are my top six picks for a minimal-stress Christmas decor experience!

1. Hang a wreath! 

I love this guy. Cute, simple, batta bing batta boom.

2. Light a candle!

My choice is this little dude. Simple yet satisfying. Gracias to Shea.

3. Put out a seasonal pillow or two! 

I got these two cuties at TJMaxx. Two for $25. 

4. Put up your tree as a family and watch the lights in the dark while listening to music!

This Christmas I’m into Ben Rector. And “Cozy Christmas Jazz” on Spotify.

5. Make the mantle and tabletop focal points!

No need to knick knack your whole crib (#hipmomwords). Choose something pretty for the mantle and something you love for the table. Here are my picks: a fresh garland (or a cute faux one) for the fireplace, and a poinsettia with a runner.

6. Swap out a familiar painting or print in your home for a character-filled depiction of a holiday element!

Zip around etsy or thrift shops to find something interesting and exciting to hang on the same nail you usually use for another picture at home! My friend Katie painted this piece that we love to hang up around the holidays.

And while it’s always awesome to deck the halls, remember that the reason we care so much is to connect and love on our people. 

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